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Welcome to eazybnb

We offer a hand-made hospitality experience to visitors from all over the world & we help owners earn an easy income.

«Thanks to your work, my home at the Acropolis has acquired value and it receives very good reviews from those who got to know it from up close. Thank you for everything» Anthi M.

We love your home.

That is why we chose it among many others, because it matches our aesthetics.

Because we aim at people with the same aesthetic values, the same fresh look.

We offer security so that you have control

We know that your house is valuable. It represents your hard work and your personality. That is why we control everything.

We are excellent at what we do because security is constantly in our thoughts.

From visitor identification and key management, from their reception and the compliance with house rules to handing it to the owner, we think about you.

You make the rules and we make sure they are kept.

We make your home smile and we make you smile, too

How would you feel earning, while an army of specialists clean, equip, arrange the best Coco-mat sheets and towels, offer cosmetic products, arrange fresh flowers and receive with a smile certified visitors who will love your home and will come again and again?

Your home will love it! And so will you…

Is it possible to make money doing nothing?

With us it is! You earn an income that you see in your account every month without bothering about anything.

We promote and fully manage your home, while thousands of satisfied guests look for it through the best management company in Greece.

For a few or for many days, you decide on availability and your income increases!

Extra income is important, but it is not the only thing you will earn

Owners who trust us, share with us something even more magical.
The value of having someone live in your neighborhood for a little while, discovering all the things that made you love it.

Staying with their children for a while where you raised your own kids. Walking in the little streets, discovering hidden corners, shops, courtyards, smells, taverns, bars.

All that thanks to you!

Taken care of perfectly

A sparkling, bright home is the guarantee for satisfied guests. We clean and take care of the house before arrival, after departure, but also every week.

All linen is by Coco-mat and is washed at a specialized linen management factory. On the day the guests depart, the cleaning team carries out a full house cleaning, so that it is ready to receive the next guests.

Moreover, a special team thoroughly and regularly checks the house, notes what is lacking, replaces consumables, repairs what needs to be and we immediately inform you, so that your house is always in perfect condition!

«When I visited my apartment and I had my coffee on my balcony, I was thinking that this wonderful view and experience was shared with a family from Sweden. And when I read their review on the eazybnb ́s page I knew that they felt exactly the same!» Μelina B.

«Everything with eazybnb was true to their name, from arranging to collect us from the airport at midnight, how easy they were to communicate with and how easy it was to get to absolutely everything in Athens from the apartment!» Kim from Belgium

How do you define luxury in hospitality?

Is it the house, the location, the facilities, communication, the trustworthy management company? We think it is all that.
We believe that small details like a basket with Greek products, high-speed internet everywhere, but also organic fresh coffee, make for unforgettable hospitality!

22.500 guests ask only for the best from us.

That is why we choose the best properties and offer only high quality services. That is why embassies, clinics and institutions work with us for the hospitality of distinguished guests.

How about communication?

Eazybnb means real and personalized 24-hour communication, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Multinational, multi-lingual and youthful, the communication team never sleeps!
Communication starts days before the guests arrive whose stay we are trying to personalize. With the mobile application we have created, they know how to come; they are informed about transport means, but also about the rules and particularities of the house.
And when the warm smile of our team is waiting for them upon arrival at an impeccable house, then we can open the map together and let them learn everything about the neighborhood, the best restaurants, the most aromatic coffee.
We are beside the needs of every one of our guests throughout their stay.

Are you a homeowner in Greece?
If so, you should talk to us!