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  1. EAZYBNB’s e-shop/website offers services for leasing property, administrated by the Private Company under the trade name “Gray & Lindberg PRIVATE COMPANY FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF PROPERTY” and the distinctive title “Eazybnb PC”, having its registered seat in Athens, tel. (+30) 2103221645, contact person: Athanasios Gavalas.


1.1. The reviewing, presentation and conclusion of lease agreements of the property administrated by our company, as well as the users’ personal data protection and the safety of the transactions made through the present e-shop/ site are governed by the present terms that you shall read before browsing through the present site and the realization of your transactions.

1.2. The Company bears the right to amend, add, change the content of the present site, including the present terms, whenever considers that it is necessary, without prior notice and only through its respective statement on its site. For that purpose, it is recommended to Users/ Visitors of the present Site to read the terms in regular intervals, in order to be informed about any amendment of their content. Such amendments, additions or deletions in terms for provision of services shall be immediately in force, i.e. as of their upload on the Site. Any use of the Site following such amendment shall be considered as acceptance of those amendments, additions or deletions on behalf of the user. The Company may terminate, amend, suspend or interrupt any individual operation of the Site, including the provision of services, at any time.

1.3. All information transmitted from the User/Visitor to the Company, both through the Site and through any other means available, are confidential and the Company has taken all necessary measures in order for those confidential information to be used properly and only to the extent deemed necessary within the context of the services provided. It is also noted that only authorized employees of the Company have access to the information of your transactions and only to the extent that it is necessary. The Company does not reveal neither the personal information of the Site Users/ Visitors nor data of their transactions, unless it has written authorization or any relevant command from them or in case that this is imposed by a court decision or a decision of any other public authority. The User/ Visitor may request any data kept for him, as well as their correction in case of an error.

1.4. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited to use the Services. All services/ products provided for by the present Site address only to adults. So, parents, and any person in charge, bear the responsibility to protect their children as well as to forbid them the use of the Services provided hereby. Any person using the present is considered to be capable of acting by the Company.

1.5. In the case you desire to receive information material from the present Site, please click the relevant choice bellow.

  1. Use

2.1. The use of the present site and the services provided for by the Company shall fall exclusively within lawful purposes and in a way that its use shall non limit any third parties. The User/ Visitor shall use the present site, as well as the services provided for by, according to the law, morality and the terms contained herein. The User/ Visitor shall not proceed with any action or omission that may cause damage or malfunction to them.

2.2. Browsing in the present site and the realization of any transaction or communication with our Company shall automatically mean that the present terms of use are being unreservedly accepted by you. In case of disagreement or boking from your end for part or all the present terms, you can send your respective e-mail to…………………… before browsing or proceed with any transaction, otherwise the acceptance of all terms herein is considered to be unreserved.

2.3. Any User/ Visitor, hereby, guarantees and agrees:

(i) To abstain from infringing any law applicable, articles of association, provision or regulation,

(ii) To abstain from providing any slanderous, defamatory information or those containing any kind of harassment on Web Forums for the Company or any other third company,

(iii) To abstain from providing indecent information or information containing or refer to pornographic material through the use of Services provided for by the present Site.

(iv) To abstain from forwarding any content that concerns any kind of discrimination and violence based on race, gender, religion, nationality, physical incapacity, sexual orientation or age though the use of the Services provided for by the Site.

(v) To abstain from containing and publishing, through the Site, any material that consists non-authorized publication or harassment (inter alia spamming), or infringing privacy of a third party, or  that encourages conduct that constitutes criminal offense and can cause civil liabilities or infringe in any way the law.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the Site, including brands, logos, texts, graphics, pictures, photos and software, consist Company’s property and it is being protected according to Greek and International Legislation. Further, designation and presentation of the Site, as well as its functions, consist Company’s property. It is forbidden any copy analog/ digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, create derivative works, in order to mislead the public about the real provider of that content of the site. The appearance of that content on the site may not, in any, way be considered as a transfer or license or right for use any of the foregoing.

  1. Limitation of liability

4.1. The Company does not guarantee that the content of the Site is free of viruses or anything else that may have contagious or destructive properties and hereby declares that it shall not bear any liability.

4.2. The Company, through this site, only provides information and the content of the Site cannot be considered, in any way, as advice on behalf of the Company.

4.3. The Company shall not bear any civil or criminal liability, or liability for any damage (direct or indirect) to visitors or others on grounds related to the operation or use or copying or falsification of this site or its contents.

4.4. This website may contain references (links) to third party websites. The Company is not liable for the content of these pages as well as for any damage caused by their use.

4.5. The services provided for by this site are subject to in Greek law and the provisions of the legislation on Consumer Protection (L. 2251/1994 as currently amended through L.3587/2007).

4.6. It is being announced that the Company shall act on the information provided for by it individually. As per the conclusion of the lease agreement it shall act either in its capacity as sub-lessor or as proxy of the respective owner of the property as per the case. It shall inform the Visitor/ User through the relevant e-mail for the confirmation of the booking.

  1. Terms for the Provision of Services by the Company

5.1. Our Company shall provide to the User/ Visitor of the present site, while proceeding to the conclusion of the lease agreement according to the above, with any product or service requested by him, both during the initiation and the duration of his stay in the selected property.

5.2. Particularly, the Company may provide to Visitor/ User the following products:…………………….. and the following services: a) reception by Company’s employee from 22:00 until 9:00, the cost of this service shall be up to the amount of 15 euros, b) services for additional clothing and cleaning (Please advise on what is provided).

It is possible for any of the aforesaid products or services provided not to be available. Therefore, is recommended to communicate previously with an authorized employee of the Company.

5.3. The Visitor/ User may choose the aforesaid products and services provided informing accordingly the Company either through telephone or through e-mail on the following address …………………. It is noted that if a product or service is not mentioned above under term 5.2., the Visitor/ User shall notify that to the Company and the latter shall undertake the relevant provision of service.

5.4. It is provided that the Company bears no liability for the services provided το the Visitor/ User by third parties – partners of the Company. Particularly, the Company does not bear any contractual or tortious liability for any damage that the Visitor/User may suffer, since it is defined hereby that the third party – partner of the Company is not considered to be its employee and the Company intermediate for the provision of service under term 5.1. herein to the Visitor/ User.

5.5. The Company shall lawfully receive its payment, or any cost made by its partner (to whom it shall give the said payment), from the Visitor/ User and the payment shall be made by the latter as mentioned bellow in term “Payment Terms”. Particularly, during the sending of the informative e-mail regarding the undertaking of the obligation for intermediation concerning the service-product provided, the Company shall inform the Visitor/ User for the respective cost. In case that the Visitor/ User disagrees on that cost or in case he/ she does not desire to use the service provided, then he/ she shall inform in writing the Company within ….. hours as of the sending of the above e-mail.

5.6. Ultimately, any provision of services by Partner of the Company may be subject to the special terms and conditions, which shall be notified to the Visitor/ User during the sending of the confirmatory informative e-mail.

  1. Lease Agreement for Property/ Booking


6.1. The terms of the present chapter concerns the agreement concluded between the Visitor/ User and the Company, either the latter acts as sub-lessor or as proxy of the owner of the property. The Visitor/User, after the acceptance of the booking, have also accepted the present terms, which are considered to be fair and reasonable. If any of these terms considered by the competent courts as invalid, that does not affect the validity of the remaining terms hereof. Any breach on part of the Visitor/ User of the present terms gives the Company (under its current capacity) the right to terminate the present agreement claiming its lawful compensation.


6.2. The concluded agreement under chapter 6 herein lasts for the time period of the booking of the property, as this is being stated by the Visitor/ User and being accepted by the Company.


6.3. The initiation and conclusion of the agreement shall be proved by the confirmatory of the booking e-mail that will be sent by the Company to the Visitor/ User. The Visitor/ User shall use the property by 15.00 of the opening day of the booking until 11.00 of the closing date, unless otherwise agreed. In case the latter default as to the time of delivery of the property, then he/she shall be burdened with additional costs amounting to € … .. per hour. Particularly, in case the delivery of the leased property is being agreed for any time after 11:00 and the Visitor/ User owes the payment, he/ she shall be burdened half of the cost for stay..

Delivery and return of the property shall be made to and from the authorized employee of the Company, and the Visitor/ User shall previously know the details of the said employee.

6.4. Throughout the duration of booking and thus the usability of the Property from the Visitor/ User, the latter is not entitled to sublease or permit the use of the property to any third party. The property shall be used solely by the number of persons stated on the booking form.


6.5. Cancellation of the booking

  1. a) Neither the Company nor the owner shall have the right to cancel the relevant booking, unless there is force majeure.
  2. b) In case the Visitor/User cancels the booking before the delivery of the confirmatory e-mail, then the agreement shall be resolved without penalty and the payment in advance is being refunded.
  3. c) In case the Visitor/ User cancels the booking within 24 hours of receipt of the confirmatory e-mail, then the agreement shall also be resolved without penalty and the payment in advance is being refunded.
  4. d) Similarly, if the cancellation takes place in more than forty (40) calendar days as of the booking date, then the agreement shall be resolved, without penalty, and the payment in advance shall be returned.
  5. e) In case that the cancellation takes place within the time period of forty (40) calendar days up to fourteen (14) calendar days as of the booking date, then it shall be withheld penalty clause, as fair and reasonable, the amount of 25% of the payment in advance.


  1. f) In case that the cancellation takes place within the time period of fourteen (14) calendar days up to seven (7) calendar days as of the booking date, then it shall be withheld penalty clause, as fair and reasonable, the amount of 50% of the payment in advance.
  2. g) Incase that the cancellation takes place within the time period of seven (7) calendar days up to the booking date, then it shall be withheld penalty clause, as fair and reasonable, all the amount of the payment in advance.

In any other case the Visitor/ User is deemed to unjustifiably withdraw from the agreement and therefore the payment in advance shall be forfeited in favor of the Company/ Owner as fair and reasonable penalty.

6.6. In the event that, upon receipt of property, that does not meet the agreed characteristics (i.e. the specification and benefits as listed in this website), then the Company shall offer as an alternative other property. In the event that the other property does not also meet the said agreed characteristics the Company shall return the amount of payment in advance to the Visitor/ User. It is expressly provided hereby that the Company/ Owner does not bear any liability for compensating the Visitor/ User when they default to fulfill their obligations is due to force majeure or circumstances that could not be foreseen (burglary, total destruction, important losses of Property) .


.7. For the completion of the booking procedure and within 24 hours as of the sending of the confirmatory e-mail, the Visitor/ User shall deposit as payment in advance the amount equal to 40% of the total booking amount.


6.8.1 The Visitor/ User shall use the property with care and diligence and also maintain it in perfect condition. The Visitor/ User is also liable to restore any damage caused by any conduct outside the scope of normal use. Similarly, the Visitor/ User is liable to restore any loss or damage of objects located in the property, during the delivery of the property to him, when that is due to fraudulent or negligent conduct of the latter and if their use is outside the scope of normal use. Indicatively but not limited to, the Visitor/ User shall be obliged to: a) to keep the property clean, tidy and free from rubbish and return it to the condition it was received, b) not domiciled unless agreed otherwise, c) respect the quiet hours and not cause any inconvenience or discomfort of other tenants, d) not to bring any business or commercial activity, e) use the property in accordance with the rules of decency, good faith and user’s morality. The Visitor/ User, in case of non-compliance in addition to any other rights of Lessor – shall compensate the latter for any damage suffered by the leased property due to misuse. Further, the Visitor/ User is also required to fully comply with all the provisions of the building regulation, already acknowledged by him and be part of it. It also expressly agreed hereby that any obligation or prohibition imposed by the regulation concerning the owners, it does concern the Visitor/ User too.

6.8.2  In case that the Visitor/ User loose the keys of the leased property, for any reason, then he/ she shall be burdened the cost of their replacement. Similarly, he/ she shall be burdened with the cost of the locksmith in the event that the keys remain in the entrance door and it is not possible to enter the property.

6.9. The Visitor/ User is exclusively liable for his personal security as well as the security of his property. The Company/ Owner does not bear any liability for any damage, malfunction or loss.


6.10. The Visitor/ User acknowledges that the property is a house and undertakes to refrain from any violation or use of closet sealed by the Company/ Owner.


6.11. In case that, upon receipt of the Property, the Visitor/ User finds any deficiencies with respect to the equipment or damage, he/ she shall directly contact with the authorized employee of the Company and notify the relevant shortage or damage, otherwise he/she shall be deemed responsible for that damage/ loss/ shortage.


6.12. For any complaint or problem during the stay of the property, the Visitor/ User shall contact with the following contact details of the Company:


  1. Payment Terms


In order to provide you better service, our company has a payment method option of the booking fee and the services provided. After you decide the payment process suits you more, then select the respective payment method in the appropriate place on the form of your order request and enter your required information where needed. The collection and processing of payment information that you send us fall under the strict policy of protecting your personal data kept by the Company and collected and processed safely and carefully and only after your consent that you provided us through sending your order request. Especially for credit card payments, those are taken in cooperation with all the necessary security measures of financial institutions to ensure maximum protection for your online transactions and also ensure your payments. It is noted that shipping costs – in case you request the shipment of products – burden exclusively you. It is expressly provided that any financial transaction shall be made solely to the Company even for fees or costs of the Company’s partners.

The payment methods are the following:

  1. a)  IN BANK ACCOUNT– Since you have chosen, as payment method, the deposit in bank account, then you shall prepay the amount of the payment in advance in order for the lease agreement to be considered as concluded. Afterwards, you shall send us copy of the said deposit, through e-mail at After the receipt of the valid deposit copy of the total amount, it is followed the process of confirmation of your order and you are sent the respective e-mails or/ and the messages through the number you provided us with. In case of failure to receive a copy within 3 calendar days or no-booking of a valid deposit copy of the payment in advance, the booking shall be canceled. Thereafter, and up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the booking it shall be deposited the remaining amount after the relevant provision of information according to the above procedure of the Company.


  1. b) THROUGH CREDIT CARDή PayPal – The Company accepts credit cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express & Diners. If you select the payment method of credit card, the process shall take place and be completed through our trusted partner – banking institution that provides all the safety guarantees for electronic transactions. Particularly, your transactions in our e-shop are protected by maximum online security systems (SSL-128 bitaa and digital certification from Comodo Groupaa, Inc.) which guarantee a secure environment in many well-known enterprises worldwide.


  1. i) Before confirming your booking it shall be done pre-approval of your credit card with booking of the total amount (price and any agreed costs i.e. transport). For some credit cards, that are not technically feasible for the preapproval at this stage, the Company shall proceed with the final charge of the total amount. If there is a problem during the process of pre-approval of your order, then the Company shall come back to you with one of the methods mentioned above in order to discuss with you that issue. Since none of the prescribed communication methods is feasible for you, for any reason and for 10 days after sending your request, then the order shall be automatically canceled and you shall send again a request to us. In that case you will be sent the cancellation of your order request at the email address you provided us. In case of successful pre-approval, the final charge of your card shall be done through the shipment of the products to you.
  2. ii) If, at any stage, even after the shipment to you of the product ordered, although after the above pre-approval and due to any fault or due to any technical or other problem and/ or for any reason whatsoever, the charge of cost and expenses of your card has not taken place, then our Company has the right to proceed with the final charge of the amount and the expenses corresponding to your order executed at any later stage, at any time. With your final charge you will be sent a relevant message to the email address and / or mobile phone that you provided us.
  3. The present terms and conditions (including the privacy policy link and instructions and rules referred to herein) constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company and govern use, on your part, of the services/ benefits provided. The present terms as well as the relationship between you and our company are governed by Greek law.

You and the Company agree hereby for present agreement to be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts and particularly the Athens Courts. The non-exercise of the Company’s rights (by the latter) under the present shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. In case that a provision is considered to be invalid by the Courts, then the parties hereby agree that the court shall apply the intentions of the parties as they appear from the present terms, and that the other provisions of these general conditions remain in full force.

  1. Transactions’ Security

The Company recognizes the importance of complying to all necessary legal procedures related to the security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures, under the most modern and advanced technical methods, to ensure maximum safety. All information related to the personal data of users/ subscribers, are protected as confidential. The Company has adopted procedures that protect personal data that users/ subscribers provide through the Site or by any other means (i.e. telephone). Those procedures protect personal data of users/ subscribers from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and amendment or destruction. They also help to certify that the information is accurate and used properly.

  1. Transactions’ Confidentiality

As mentioned above, the confidentiality is obvious. All information supplied by the Subscriber is confidential and the Company has taken all the necessary steps to use them only to the extent necessary within the context of service. Only authorized employees have access to information of your transactions and only when necessary. The Company does not disclose the details of the Subscribers of the Site and their transactions, unless it has written authorization from them or this is ordered by court decision or decision of any public authority. The Subscriber may request any information held about him, and correct them in case the existence of error can be established.







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