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In Greece, eating is closely linked to sharing. It’s an activity meant to be enjoyed with friends. Typically, the Greeks order mostly appetizers (”meze”), and share plates to get a taste of everything.  Greek cuisine is balanced, as it is based on simple, quality ingredients such as olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, yogurt, cheese, fish, meat and plenty of herbs. Ordering food at a “taverna” (Greek restaurant) can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of traditional local dishes not to miss out on.


Greek salad /Choriatiki: feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, thinly sliced onion, oregano, drizzled with olive oil.
Dakos salad: dried bread (“paximadi”), topped with tomatoes (chopped or grated), mizithra or feta cheese, capers or olives, drizzled with olive oil.
Chorta: boiled wild greens/herbs served with olive oil, salt and lemon.


Tzatziki is a dip with Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic and olive oil.
A Greek classic!
Tirokafteri is a spicy cheese dip.
Fava has a creamy consistency and is made out of fava beans (high in protein) served with chopped onions, olive oil, and lemon juice.
Melitzanosalata: eggplant salad.

Seafood appetizers

Kalamarakia: small pieces of fried squid with lemon juice.
Chtapodi: small pieces of octopus served either fried with lemon juice or boiled, with olive oil, vinegar and oregano.

Other appetizers

Saganaki: fried cheese. Adding lemon juice on top will give it the right punch.
Kolokithokeftedes: zucchini balls with feta.
Dolmadakia: grape leaves filled with rice and onions and sometimes minced beef.


Main courses

Moussaka: a layered dish made with potatoes topped with eggplants, onions, minced beef and béchamel cream. It’s one of the most well known Greek dishes worldwide.
Pastitsio: another layered dish, and equally famous. It consists of thick spaghetti, topped with minced beef, onions, tomato sauce and béchamel sauce.
Paidakia: grilled lamb’s ribs served with lemon.


Ergon Agora, is a unique concept store of a  fully functional grocery store and a casual restaurant, serving Greek dishes that live up to expectations.
Address: 42 Pavlou Mela str. +30 2310288008 price range: 10-15€ pp

Negroponte, is a traditional tavern housed in a very old building (built in 1888), friendly atmosphere unique dishes.
Address:  24 Egyptou str. Ladadika +30 2310 523571 price range: 10-15€ pp

Tsinari, an image of authentic Thessaloniki at the Old Town, nostalgic but simple environment where you can taste Greek dishes and barrel wine or ouzo.
Address: 52 Alexandras Papadopoulou str. & Isminis str. Ano Poli Thessaloniki price range: 10€ pp

Elia & Lemoni, on the menu you will find authentic Greek cuisine and delicatessen shop with a modern twist.
Address: 9 Kapodistriou +30 2310 515881 price range: 10-15 € pp

Kouzina tis Aglaias, is located in the pedestrian street of Yahoudi Hamam in the city centre offering traditional Greek cuisine. Meat and vegetables come from greeks farms of Macedonia and Thrace and flavors are based on traditional recipes.
Address: 4 Fragini str. +30 2310 280 044 price range: 10-15€ pp

Katsamaka (Κατσαμάκα), offers several different kinds of meat prepared on the ‘souvla’ like kokoretsi, kontosouvli, kebab or Gianniotiko in Thessaloniki. Address: Plateia Athonos, Avgerinou 18-20 str. +30 2310 234 177 price range: 8-12 € pp

Igglis, is located in the old town in a very old building, gives you the opportunity to enjoy a picturesque walk. Here you will find traditional dishes and drinks. The best dish is Chounkiar Begendi.
Address: 32 Irodotou str. , Ano Poli +30 2313 011967 price range: 10-15 € pp


Join the Juice, with over of 30 choices of different juices and smoothies, snacks, salads and energy bars is the ideal break for energy that you need before or after exploring the city.
Address: 10 Paleon Patron Germanou str., 73 Leoforos Nikis + 30 2310 265754 price range: 2-5€ pp

Nterlicatesen, one of the best handmade souvlaki in the city. It’s menu is made by the dreams of the gourmands and it includes pork meat in various versions, marvelous – wellmade souvlakia, delicious kebab, sausage, halloumi and mushroom, all grilled on wooden charcoal. Open until late.
Address: 7 Kouskoura str. +30 2310 226367 price range: 2-5€ pp

Last Slice, serves italian style pizza with fresh ingredients and great options. You can take a slice or seat on the tables outside. Open until late.
Address: 1 Proxenou Koromila str. +30 2311 242266 price range: 2-3,5€

Giok Balik, Greek street fast food and traditional restaurant. You can see many locals line up to get a sandwich with ‘souvlaki’ or ‘gyros’. Try the ‘Bouria’ delicious wraps with arabic pie meat of your choice and sauces.
Address: 34 Ethnikis Aminis str. +30 2310 240 0222 price range 3-10€


Sempriko, if you wish to immerse yourself in a real traditional Greek cuisine experience, look no further than Sempriko. It was founded as a co-operative restaurant and grocery shop and occupies a beautiful space by Thessaloniki’s old Byzantine walls. All of the ingredients can be purchased at the little store that is attached to the restaurant.
Address: 2 Fragkon str.  +30 2310557513 price range: 15€ pp

Akadimia, is a restaurant found in a neoclassical building at the centre of the city Ano Ladadika. Mediterranean Greek cuisine that is based on seafood and meat. Address: 3 Agiou Mina str. +302310521803 price range: 15€ pp

Massalia, stylish and relaxed environment they serve delicious dishes with a fresh air, a light touch of creativity. Original and inspired dishes with ingredients from all over Greece arrive at your table so that you can have a complete culinary experience.
Address: 6  Manoussogiannaki & Filikis Etairias str. +30 23144003714  price range: 15€ pp

Hellikon, if you want to sample modern Greek cuisine in a traditional setting with an essence of the old times, head for Diagonios. Hellenikon is located in the city center and will entice you with its simplicity and tempt you with incredible smells of its delicious “mezes”.
Address: 9 Stratigou Kallari str. +30 2310250210 price range: 15€ pp

Maitr & Margarita, is a bistro restaurant with Greek speciality dishes. You can find a variety of cheese and cold cuts from independent Greek producers, a great wine variety, as well as Greek beers.
Address: 2 Veroias str. +30 2314 007586 price range: 15€ pp

Extravaganza, offers delicious, Mediterranean-with-a-twist food. They change their menu depending on the season. It is also known for its good cocktails. Address: 29A Stoa Ptolemaion str. +30 2310529791 price range: 18€ pp

Zithos Ladadika, Zithos is a lovingly restored restaurant in the heart of the buzzing, colourful old market in Ladadika area which features a Mediterranean cuisine with the use of only fresh local materials and a wide selection of local beers and wines.
Address: 5 Katouni str. +30 2310 540284 price range: 18€ pp


Clochard, Greek/Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh ingredients with a gourmet touch. Placed in the heart of the city, open for lunch and dinner, it is ideal for business lunch, short lunch break between shopping hours, easygoing dinners with your friends, or even cocktail parties and romantic dinners.
Address: 4 Proxenou Koromila str. +30 2310 239805 price range: 40-50€ pp

Grada Nuevo, a modern style restaurant at the ground floor of ‘Andromeda’ hotel’ which also sets tables on the pedestrian walkway. Serves Mediterranean cuisine dishes with a particular predilection on seafood and fish.
Address: 14 Kalapothaki str. +30 2310 271074 price range: 28-45€ pp

Mavri Thalassa, one of the best places to eat fish in Thessaloniki. Simple, unfussy, elegant, quality is famous for it’s high standards in the kitchen.
Address: 3 Nikolaou Plastira str. +30 2310 932542 price range: 75-90€ pp

B. restaurant, is located at the Museum of  Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. The menu offers a variety of tasteful options. Visitors can combine their visit at this beautiful Museum with an early morning breakfast or finish their evening with a dinner. The place offers private parking.
Address: 2 Septemvriou str. +30 2310869695 price range: 25-35€ pp

Duck private cheffing, Mediterranean cuisine, intimate restaurant about 10km from the city centre with many recent distinctions that stands out for its homemade cuisine, prepared in an open home-style kitchen.
Address: 3 Chalkis str. Patriarhiko Pylea +30 2315519333 price range: 40€ pp


7 Thalasses, is located in the city centre and it is famous for it’s fresh dishes based in Mediterranean Cuisine. The menu consists of a series of appetizers and main dishes that can be combined with the wide collections of wines.
Address: 8-10 Kalapothaki str. +30 2310233173 price range: 25-35€ pp

Christofer, is located close to the Sailing Club of Thessaloniki with a great view of the sea. You can find authentic dishes with fresh fish and seafood.
Address: 12 Leoforos Meg. Alexandrou str. +30 2310859369 price range: 20€ pp

Mourga, located on a quiet street in the center of the city, the menu changes often according to the season.
Address: Christopoulou 12 str. +30 2310268 826 price range: 15-20 € pp


Falafel taste Middle East, Middle Eastern food in the centre of Thessaloniki. Falafels in portions or wrapped sandwiches with variety of salads all freshly house-made.
Address: 108 Mitropoleos str. +30 2310 278 363 price range: 2-6€ pp

The Saints Stores, Organic Vegan restaurant with an emphasis on ecology and zero-waste living. Features a daily buffet of healthy world cuisine. Fill your plate with items you’d like then pay by weight.
Address: 1 Pavlou Mela str.  +30 2310 256 069  price range: 5-15€ pp

Roots Vegetarian & Vegan Place, Serves veggie fast food including burgers, hot dogs, salads.
Address: 4 Mpalanou str. +30 2310 268 063  price range: 15€ pp



Be, brunch up your mornings with a refreshing fruit salad, a piece of chocolate cake, pancakes with marmalade, juice, coffee, eggs as well as many delicious proposals.
Address: 10 Komninon str. +30 2310 021010, price range 10-20€ pp

Canteen, a sophisticated cafe-restaurant-bar with the most complete breakfast & brunch menu. Address: 7 Dimitriou Gounari str. +30 2310 228520, price range: 8-20€ pp

Ergon Agora, a not to miss indoor food market from breakfast to dinner.
Address: 42 Pavlou Mela str. +30 2310 288008 price range: 5-10€ pp

Estrella, is a famous all day brunch restaurant for their ‘bougatsan’ a combination of bougatsa and croissant. Casual restaurant serving delicious street food with a gourmet twist.
Address: 48 Pavlou Mela str. +30 2310 272045, price range: 4-8€ pp

Koukou, is an egg-based street food restaurant with a chilled environment offering eggs, sweets, coffee.
Address: 26 Paleon Patron Germanou str. +30 2314027020 price range: 3-8€ pp

La Place Mignonne, is located close to the White Tower. Buffet brunch is served every Sunday. Pancakes, omelettes, quiche, cakes and jazz music to start your Sundays.
Address: 4 Ethnikis Aminis str. + 2310 288 354 price range: 10-15€ pp


Greek people consume considerate amounts of alcohol but never in a rushed way.
For Greeks, drinking is a pleasure – a pleasure to be shared with friends and family.
People of all ages meet up in ouzeri or taverns to eat, drink, and listen to some Greek live music. It’s a laid-back kind of fun, it’s all about savoring the moment and taking your time. They also go to bars. In the summertime most bars have an open air courtyard or terrace; locals rarely stay inside. Even in winter, you will notice that Greek people often sit outside of bars, on the sidewalk, sipping their drinks and chatting. Bars in Greece begin to fill around midnight and close in the early morning hours.
Most bars are also cafés in the morning, serving coffee, tea, and snacks.

Greek beverages

Tsipouro is a very strong distilled spirit (35%-45% alcohol by volume).  It is made from the residue of the winepress. Due to its strong punch, locals may drink it with ice and sometimes a bit of water. It is an ideal drink to accompany mezedes (Greek appetizers)

Ouzo has become a symbol of Greece. It is a strong alcoholic beverage made from an exact blend of pressed grapes, herbs and berries. It has a sweet yet strong taste. Greeks drink it straight, or with ice and water.

Mavrodafni meaning “black laurel” in Greek, is a sweet wine that comes from the Peloponnese. It is made from darkskinned grape, and has a luscious consistency. It is used for the Holy Communion in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Retsina is exclusively Greek. It is produced in almost all parts of Greece, but the best is considered to be from Attica. It is made with a base of white or rosé wine, and then flavoured with pine resin. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it definitely goes well with Greek food. Note that it should be served very cold.

Beer seems to be a popular choice in Greece. The most well known brands of beer are Alfa, Fix, Mythos, and Vergina.


A Mezedopoleio/Ouzeri/Tsipouradiko is a type of restaurant that doesn’t focus on main courses but offers small plates of various appetizers, to accompany a drink of choice.
Usually it’s ouzo, raki, tsipouro, beer or wine. Greek people like to meet up in ouzeri to eat, drink, and listen to some Greek live music.


Ouzeri Lola, operates since 1988 in the city centre, it offers Greek cuisine and traditional recipes prepared daily using high quality fresh ingredients. Highlights grilled sardines, traditional pie with small fish, octopus with wine sauce.
Address: 10 Agapinou str & 150 Egnatia str. +30 2310 276201  price range: 15€ pp

Ouzeri Aristotelous, is located next to Aristotelous Square in a charming courtyard of a historic building the popular old tavern offers Greek cuisine and is famous both for the atmosphere and for its quality food. The menu includes seafood and meat recipes prepared from the finest local ingredients.
Address: 8 Aristotelous str. +30 2310 230762  Price range: 15-20 € pp

Ta Bakaliarakia tou Aristou, is one of the oldest restaurants of the city est.1910, fresh fried cod, traditional skordalia and chips.
Address: 3 Katouni str. Ladadika +302310 548668 price range: 10€ pp

Galerios, a special place for food in the centre of Thessaloniki. This is the place for ‘meze’. Here you can find both meat and fish at its best!
Address: 3 Apellou str. +2310 256 778 price range: 10-15€ pp

Tompourlika (Τομπουρλίκα), located near Navarinou square, it combines greek traditional dishes (meze) with live (rebetiko) music.
Address: 5 Lordou Vironos str. +30 2310 548 143 price range: 12-18€ pp


Vogatsikou 3, the spirits collection is impressive, the cocktails extraordinary the style and atmosphere amazing.
Address: 3 Vogatsikou str. +30 2310 222 899

Ypsilon, all day art coffee-bar, situated in an old renovated building. It also offers work spaces and art shop.
Address: 5 Edessis str. + 30 2310 530 480

Local, is one of the most loved all day spots in the heart of the city. You can stay for coffee, wine or a lunch break or a late drink.
Address: 17 Palaion Patron Germanou str. +30 2310 223 307

Bord de l’eau, is a stylish bar inside a shopping arcade. A living place where artistic events often take place. Great cocktails and also dishes.
Address: 45 Egnatia str. + 30 2310 541237

Tabya, art gallery-record store-cafe bar, situated in a renovated building next to the city’s Byzantine walls. The top floor hosts exhibitions and special events all year long while the yard and the two other two floors is for hanging out.
Address: 14 Konstantinou Melenikou str, +30 2311 242 522

On the Road, waterfront cafe – bar that reminds of a ship on shore with rock, alternative music.
Address: 61 Leoforos Nikis str, +30 2310 271 240

Piece of Cake, if you are a fan of french bistrot, you will love this cafe-bar between Tsimiski and Mitropoleos streets.You will feel like a local. Don’t miss to taste the famous cupcakes.
Address: 19 Chrysostomou Smyrnis str., +30 2310 242 525

(Domatio me thea) Room with a view, it is located on the 5th floor, one of two landmark buildings in Aristotelous Square from where you can enjoy the view of the square and Thermaikos that lay in front of you.
Address: 10 Aristotelous square (entrance from Olympion theatre) +30 2310 378 650

Toms Flagship Store Cafe, set inside the Old Post Office near Aristotelous square, you can enjoy your coffee, drink or snacks while your children are occupied with many activities that are held during the weekends.
Address: 22 Tsimiski str. + 2310 234 222

Coq au zen, is a retro cafe-bar-restaurant hidden on a small porch in the old commercial centre of the city on Valaoritou street where the small shops on the and on the right work normally on a daily basis.
Address: 37 Valaoritou str. + 30 2310 520 119


Coffee is a vital ingredient in modern Greek culture. It’s deeply rooted in the everyday life of the Greeks. Coffee dates are one of Greek people’s favorite pastimes. It is an opportunity to catch up with friends, flirt or even play chess. There are two types of coffee places: the ‘cafeteria’, more like a hangout place for the younger people, that serves different types of coffee, snacks and cocktails; and the ‘kafeneion’, a traditional café – mostly a meeting point for elderly men, who want to read their newspaper, play “tavli” (Greek board game), and discuss current events.

Greek coffee (“ellinikós kafés” )
Greek coffee is a thick and strong brew, served with a bubbly froth on top, and grounds at the bottom of the cup. It made its way to Greece during the years of the Ottoman occupation. Although served in a small-sized cup, it’s supposed to be sipped slowly. Greek coffee is linked to the tradition of fortune telling. When the cup is nearly empty and the grounds have settled at the bottom, you swirl the cup, turn it upside down, letting the grounds fall down on the saucer. According to this popular ritual, they will leave some patterns on the surface of the cup, which are symbols predicting the future.

Frappé is a foam-covered iced coffee drink. It became more popular in Greece in ‘60s and ‘70s. It’s made by blending instant coffee with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker. This creates a light brown frothy consistency.The Greek frappé became a symbol of the post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture. It is associated with summer and being carefree.

Freddo cappuccino and freddo espresso
In the ‘90s, influenced by international trends, the Greeks started drinking espresso and cappuccino, creating their own versions: Freddo espresso (espresso shaken with ice) and freddo cappuccino (cappuccino shaken with ice, topped with whipped milk). These two types of coffee have gained ground over the years, and have become particularly popular amongst the youngsters.

These Greek alternatives are worth trying. The most important thing is to drink them the “Greek way”, by laying back and taking your time. Enjoy!


Kaimaki ice cream has a distinct taste of mastic/mastiha (resin obtained from the mastic tree).Another key ingredient found in kaimaki is Sahlep, which brings a rich consistency and a ‘chewy’ feel to the ice cream.

Greek yogurt has become very popular internationally, due to its creaminess, rich taste, and various health benefits. It can be served with honey, sour cherry syrup, spoon sweets (glyka tou koutaliou), and nuts.

Greek honey is one of the finest worldwide. The best variety comes from thyme (Thimari), an aromatic perennial evergreen herb.

Loukoumades are a Greek version of doughnuts or beignets. They’re small dough balls, deep-fried to a golden brown, then drizzled with honey. You can also top them with ice cream (Kaimaki flavour is worth trying) or melted chocolate.
Baklavas is a syrupy dessert. Its basic ingredients are nuts, thin layers of dough, syrup or honey. The origins of Baklava are unclear, as both Greeks and Turks claim ownership of this dessert.
Loukoumi is a chewy square shaped candy, dusted with icing sugar. Chopped almonds, pistachio nuts, or hazelnuts are frequently added. The best Loukoumi is produced in the Cycladic island of Syros.
Rizogalo is Greek rise pudding, often served with cinnamon.
Bougatsa is prepared from fyllo dough, wrapped around a custard filling.
Kataifi is made with a special type of dough that looks like angel hair. It is filled with a mix of nuts and cinnamon, wrapped into that buttered crispy dough and bathed in lemon scented syrup.
Spoon sweets / glyka tou koutaliou are offered as a gesture of hospitality in Greece. Spoon sweets can be made out of almost any fruit, sour cherries, strawberries, oranges, quince, bergamot, apricots, apples, kumquats, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, pomegranates. They are usually served with Greek coffee or a glass of cold water, and can be also used as ice cream or yogurt toppings.
Halvadopita is a nougat pie. The best halvadopita is made in Syros island.
Galaktoboureko means “milk pie”. It is basically a custard pie. It is baked in a deep dish, surrounded by fyllo and soaked with a citrus-scented syrup.
Ypovrichio means submarine. It’s an old fashioned sweet, made with mastic resin. It is a thick, white paste which tastes like vanilla. It is usually served on a spoon and immersed in a tall glass of ice-cold water. It is meant to be licked like a lollipop.



Koulourakia are butter-based cookies, typically made around Easter to be eaten after Holy Saturday. The dough is shaped by hand, and glazed on top with eggs. You can give them the form of rings, braids, or snakes. The latter was the shape Minoans would choose, as they believed that snakes had healing powers.
Tsoureki is a type of braided sweet bread (like brioche) which is traditionally made to celebrate Easter. Hard boiled red eggs are often placed in the braid of the tsoureki, after it has been baked.
Melomakarona is an oval shaped Greek dessert made mainly from flour, olive oil, and honey. It is a Christmas treat.
Kourabiedes are butter and almond cookies, tossed in powdered sugar. Another Christmas treat.
Vasilopita (‘Basil-pie’ or ‘king-pie’) is a New Year’s Day cake, which contains a “lucky’’ coin placed randomly inside the dough. On January the 1st, the family gathers to cut the vasilopita. Traditionally it is the senior member of the family that assigns the pieces of cake, and the one who gets the hidden coin is considered blessed for the New Year.


Elenidis, historic patisserie of the city it is known for the stuffed triangles (Trigona Panoramatos).
Address: 13 Dimitriou Gounari str. +30 2310 257 510

Sugar Angel Workshop & Coffee, romantic patisserie where you can enjoy your coffee with a piece of cake. Try the red velvet cake!
Address: 1 Lassani str. + 30 2310 225 575

Choureal, the first pastry in Thessaloniki specializing in profiterole and eclair. It is made in front of you with different types of chocolate to choose from and many toppings.
Address: 7 Palaion Patron Germanou str. +30 2310 252 766

Terkenlis, holds the title of the best ‘tsoureki’ in the city! One of the oldest pastry shops where you find pastries, pies, syrup sweets even sandwiches and snacks.
Address: 4 Aristotelous & Tsimiski str., +30 2310 271 148

Gelati e Amore, authentic italian fresh ice cream.
Address: 44 Alexandrou Svolou str., +30 2310 242 014


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Works of art of outstanding value and excavated ensembles from the entire region of Macedonia are on a display, covering all the aspects of private and public life in the area, from the prehistoric era to the late antiquity period. Mosaics, sculptures, golden artifacts and the seemingly solid gold Derveni Vase are just some the highlights.
General admission fee: €8 | Reduced fee: €4
Special ticket package: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, White Tower, Archaeological Site and Museum of Roman Agora, Galerian Complex-Arched Hall (duration 3 days).
Full: €15 / Reduced: €8
6, Manoli Andronikou str. +30 2313 310201

Museum of Byzantine Culture
It is considered one of the best museums in Greece and ranks high among its peers across the globe, offering a detailed picture of the Byzantine culture.Housed in an architecturally impressive building designed by Kyriakos Krokos, where you’ll find all kinds of objects on display: from early Christian architectural and mosaic fragments and stepped marble pulpit from the city’s first churches, to sculptures, pottery, farming implements, jewelry, icons and ecclesiastical prints, plates, embroidery, books and silver and gold objects. Ask for a tour (included in the admission price) and round off your visit in the lovely courtyard of the great ‘B’ cafe-restaurant.
General admission fee: €8   | Reduced fee: €4
2, Leoforos Stratou str. +30 2313 306400

White Tower Museum
Thessaloniki’s most iconic historical monument, the White Tower, once a prison and place of execution, was erected by the Ottoman Turks in late 15th century. A very beautiful and informative museum inside the monument is dedicated to the city’s history, its multicultural spirit and several other aspects of Thessaloniki.
General admission fee: €4 (1st April- 31st October)
Reduced admission fee: €2 (1st November- 31st March).

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
It was created following an initiative of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki to promote the Sephardic legacy in town, which dates as far back as the 15th c. It houses a Centre of Research and Study of the Jewish History in Thessaloniki, an extensive library and an Audiovisual Centre.
13, Agiou Mina str. + 2310 250406

Ataturk Museum
The birthday place and childhood home of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has been converted to a museum open to the public. Most of the furniture in the building is original. Inside there are photo’s of Kemal’s life, and you will be guided around it’s two floors, passing through the living room for guests, Kemal’s mother’s room, the kitchen and a large morning room (first room) as well as his personal office space (second floor).
75, Apostolou Pavlou str. +2310 248452

Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art
Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art is an independent part of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, it is located at this old harbour space features fine art, video, installations, photography and all other forms of expression.
Warehouse B1 (port) +30 2310 593270

Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki
This 1910 port warehouse is home to thought-provoking exhibitions of historic and contemporary Greek photography. The sea view from the cafe is also fantastic.
Warehouse A (port)
+30 2310 566716


A  nearby escape is definitely Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) where you will be amazed by the crystal waters, the white sand beaches, the picturesque villages and the wonderful sunsets! Halkidiki is located near the city of Thessaloniki and is part of Central Macedonia.
Halkidiki consists of three peninsulas (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos).

Nikiti beach (Sithonia)
A wide, sandy beach, in front of the namesake village. You can find restaurants, taverns, bars and facilities for watersports.  

Kavourotrypes (Sithonia)
A concealed lace of white small sandy beaches, turquoise waters rocks sculptured by the waves and pine trees that reach all the way to the shore.

Armenistis beach (Sithonia)
An exotic beach with white, fine sand. It has organized water sports facilities.

Afytos village (Kassandra)
Traditional village with an amazing view of Toroneos gulf as the village is built on a hill above the coast. Small squares, cobbled streets and traditional taverns create a beautiful scenery totally harmonized with the national landscape. The beach of Afytos is long and it has several beach bars.

Sani beach (Kassandra)
Sani beach mostly belongs to a luxury complex Sani Resort. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra with white sand, shallow and turquoise sea. You can have a walk through the landscape park and you can visit the luxury marina. Sani is about 10km from the bus stop ‘Nea Fokea village’.
You can visit all the villages and beaches of Halkidiki by car or you can take the bus.
Coach station of Halkidiki (KTEL) +30 2310316555

Peraia, Nei Epivates

Thessaloniki waterbus (Karavakia), from May to September you can take the boat and visit Peraia and Nei Epivates.

Peraia is a beautiful, picturesque small seaside town, with crystal clear waters very close to Thessaloniki. You must visit the great pedestrian zone, full of taverns on the seashore, serving fresh fish from Chalkidiki.

Nei Epivates, great beach with many seaside tavernas and restaurants.
Ticket price: €3,5 per ride, reduced price: €2,5
Ride duration: 50 minutes

Vergina is 75km west of Thessaloniki and 12km away from Veroia the nearest city. A Unesco World Heritage Monument, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Of particular note are the tombs of the royal dynasty, most notably King Philip II and Prince Alexander IV.

Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations in the middle of the valley. Located on the northern side of the country, the rocks of Meteora are actually miracles of nature. On top of these impressive pinnacles, many monasteries were constructed in the Byzantine times. At the foot of Meteora, there is the lovely town of Kalampaka with many hotels and tourist services for your holidays in Meteora. Popular thing to do in the region are climbing and hiking.


Thessaloniki has many food markets, a great option for those interested in the city’s gastronomic history and blend with the locals.

Kapani Market situated in two old buildings is a very big market with a great quality of all kind of goods from food to wearable! You can make a walk around, buy spices, fish, meat and clothes. Don’t forget to make a stop to local tsipouro-places to eat and drink local food and drinks!

Enclosed market of the city where you can find meat, fish, cheese, delicatessen products, vegetables, spices as well as traditional taverns where you can taste the greek cuisine with the locals.

Athonos Square
Athonos square in the city centre near to Church Hagia Sofia, is a place worth your visit. There is a big food market with lots of fruits, spices, all types of tea, vegetables and even you can find handmade accessories and handmade small wooden furniture.


1. No smoking except CAREFULLY on the balcony.

2. Do NOT throw the toilet papers in the toilet.

3. Please take out the garbage and throw them into the large trash cans on the street.

4. Turn off the lights, air conditioning units and all the electrical devices whenever you leave the apartment.

5. Please be respectful of the neighbors. In Greece, noise must be reduced to a minimum after 10 pm (22.00).
Remember, you are on holidays, but the people around you are not; try to put your self in their shoes.

6. Before your departure always check if the building’s front door is unlocked.

If you are to check-out early (anytime before 09:00), please bear in mind that there will be no one to meet you at the apartment. So please check first if the front door of the building is unlocked; if not, UNLOCK IT WITH YOUR KEY, then go back in, and just leave the keys on the table before leaving.

7. On departure, please leave the keys on the table.




In Thessaloniki you can move around quite easily with the bus.

The ticket costs € 1,00/p per ride, € 1,20/p valid for two bus trips from any direction and any bus route within 70 minutes of validation.

From and to Thessaloniki Airport (one ride) tickets cost € 2,00.

Transport of children under 6 years old travel for free.

Alternatively, using taxis in Thessaloniki could be a great choice, and a cheap one indeed! A short ride within the city’s center costs approximately € 3-€5.

From and to the airport (to the city center), there is a flat rate of € 20 (5.00-24.00) and € 28 ( 24.00-5.00).

Cultural Bus No 50 (OASTH), departure every hour next to the White Tower  €2
Get to know our city and it’s history and see the sights in 50 minutes.